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What is Only flowers grow in dirt ?

I offer child-led nature play sessions held in local parks, open spaces and woodlands in Cardiff. My aim is to get children outdoors for some fresh air and good old fashioned fun. Each sessions offers a different theme.

Where do your sessions take place ?

At this time we only visit Parks and open spaces around Cardiff. full locations HERE

How much is each session?

£7 per child from birth onwards. Grown ups are free. (look out for special offers)

What if it's bad weather ?

Sessions run come rain or shine

What should I bring to the session ?

Sessions will run in all weather, so it is advised to dress accordingly. It is also recommended to wear older clothing that may get dirty or stained as some sessions may involve various child safe ingredients that could stain. It is also recommended to bring along some spare clothing to change in to or a small towel.

Do I stay with my child ?

The sessions are child-led and children are free to play with anything at the session or explore the local area. Grown ups must remain and fully supervise children at ALL times.

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