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Only flowers grow in dirt (OFGID) sessions run outdoors in all *weather therefore it is recommended that suitable **clothing is worn.

OFGID takes no responsibility for loss, damage accidental or otherwise caused to property belonging any persons attending the session.

The price is £7 per child from 6 months upwards., adults are free. Payment is required in full for all children at the time of booking.

Cancellation of a session/s for any reason must be made at least 24 hours prior to the sessions start date & time otherwise a refund will not be given. Any bookings made within the 24hr notice period will not be refunded.

No refunds will be made if you do not attend the session (no show)

Swapping of session dates will not always be possible in which case the above cancellation policy applies. 

 Notice must be provided via email

 Adults are fully responsible for the supervision of their children throughout the session.

COVID-19 – All Adults and children 11yrs + to always maintain a 2-metre distance during the session and abide by government guidelines. Should any person (adult/child) show symptoms please follow NHS/Government guidelines and do not attend. (OFGID cancellation policy above applies.)

Photographs and video may be taken by OFGID and placed on the website or social media pages. Please opt out by informing me within the comments of the booking form with the children’s names.

GDPR   - I may keep in touch with you with information on upcoming events and promotions. This may include emails, Text messaging and direct messages via social media platforms including websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts associated with OFGID. Information is collected from the booking form and stored securely. ***I will never share or sell your information to any person or business. Photographs you share directly with me may be shared on various platforms listed above. Should you wish to have your information removed from the database you can opt out by sending an email to requesting to be unsubscribed. Your details will then be deleted.

There are occasions when I may need to cancel a session at short notice for reasons beyond my control. I will advertise such cancellations on social media and email and will refund you accordingly.

*Weather – risk assessment on the day should weather be considered to dangerous, OFGID reserve the right to cancel at short notice should this happen.

**Occasionally OFGID may use materials such as paints/chalks/dye that may cause staining. Therefore, old suitable clothing is recommended.

***No details you provide are provided to any other person or business knowingly.

“I” include Only Flowers Grow in Dirt Ltd company.

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